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Changing Perspective

In our everyday life, we overlook the value of being in the right space of mind and having the right perspective. And mostly because we are clouded with thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns we have limited to no control over. And honestly, that’s fine; in fact, it’s very human. However, it’s also important to realize that there is a need to change. To become a better version of ourselves and to be more content and harmonious with life. Hence, I felt the need to write a blog that could be – Your guide to changing perspective.

Understanding of Self – Your guide to changing your perspective

The know-how of being a better version begins from examining our current selves and past life decisions. As you would pen down the same (I would write a post on it later), a realization would dawn, which would make you think ‘ Why didn’t I think of this earlier?’.

In this respect, an understanding of self goes a long way. Assessment of self sometimes is simpler, but usually takes mindful contemplation and time. As the thoughts and emotions clear, the picture of self gradually unveils itself.

Here’s something I would ideally feel two years back.

There were days when I just didn’t feel like myself, and I couldn’t figure why? I thought eating a big box of sundae while binge-watching FRIENDS on Netflix would help. And it did to a certain extent, but the rotted emotions still lingered in the background like the melody of Beethoven symphony.

How do I feel now? Fresh as a tomato! So what precisely transpired in those two years, you may ask? An internal journey, I have learned some values on my way which I hold dearly now. In this blog, I’ll take great care in drawing the same to help you build mindful contemplation in your workaday living.

So let’s begin!

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