Why 2020 is the best year for your spiritual growth!

2020 is the best year

At the start of the year, you must be puppy-eyed for your salary hike or a new job, only to realize the hike percentage didn’t really go up, rather drove you 2 years down your material growth, or even worse, you may have lost the job that puts bread on the table for your family. You may hate me for saying this, but there’s a beautiful side to it. Moments like these call for immense inner strength and also test your resilience. This is when you test your mettle and finally come up with a plan of action. In storytelling, this is when the hero gets out of his comfort zone and treads the path less traveled. Why 2020 is the best year for your spiritual growth!

This year we may have heard about people losing their jobs, filing for divorce, or even losing their loved ones. It’s awful, and nothing in the world could make it right. It’s fine to grieve and relive those memories in your mind.

But to think of it, you can only go through the next door after you passed through the previous one.

Only when you let go of your misery or other such emotions, you can make a place for the new ones like joy and happiness. The bucket needs to empty for you to fill it again.

Only when you let go of the old perspectives, you can make space for the new ones.

Only when you realize that you can’t sail in two boats simultaneously, you will choose wisely.

More or less, it is in your hands.

You can be the hero who leaves behind his old ways in search of the new quest to fulfill his inner and external desires. Acting upon the situation with a positive outlook brings about a spiritual transformation like no other.

Read more about the hero in you (here).

Sometimes all we need is a new perspective to change. Here are some common yet insightful examples; if imbibed well, it can leave a lasting impact.

How to look at your current situations (during the pandemic) with a new perspective. 2020 is the best year


Situation: You have lost your job, and it’s dreadful.

New Perspective: Maybe now is the moment to apply for another job you always wanted or set up your own project/hobby/business you dreamed during your lunch hours.


Situation: You and your spouse have filed for divorce and it’s tragic.

New Perspective: Maybe it’s ok, people fall out of love, but it’s equally important to respect each other’s space. Maybe you could enjoy your own company for some while. You can also pick a hobby to channelize your energy positively.


Situation: You don’t have any money and you have been borrowing since the lockdown.

New Perspective: Maybe it’s high time you pull up your socks and find means to make the ends meet. Please don’t lose hope till you find something, there’s always a way.


Situation: You have lost a loved one because of coronavirus. Nothing could bring him/her or the memories you spent with them. Life may not be the same again.

New Perspective: It’s only human to suffer the loss. Just know that you will be fine and time will heal everything. 2020 is the best year


Situation: Your lifestyle isn’t the same, and you miss going out for movies and traveling.

New Perspective: Take a mental vacation (another post for next time); plan your holidays or anniversaries in your mind. A good idea would also be to meditate on the emotion of newness by visualising your events.


Situation: Your wedding was due this year, and you had big plans laid out. Now it’s either next year or court marriage.

New Perspective: It is good to be grateful as long as you have found your special one. Be glad that you will be finally together eventually 🙂


Situation: You don’t really have a problem (very rare) but wish that coronavirus wouldn’t have happened at all.

New Perspective: Honestly, we don’t have control over nature. It’s only through acceptance that we learn to be at peace.

Accept that whatever happens, happens for good. There’s a big reason for everything, the more you resonate with this truth, the more you would be at peace. And isn’t what peace you are looking for, after all?

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

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