What is ‘Your Story Project’? – FAQ

Your Story Project

Your Story Project is a perspective game that encourages you to build mindfulness in your workaday living with a grasp of purpose.

Imagine being deeply conscious of your environs, the steps you tread, the air you breathe, the thoughts that pop, and to top up with that a sense of fulfillment.

Your Questions Answered :What is ‘Your Story Project’?

Well, that’s what I always wanted? But honestly, how?

Your Story Project allows you to uncover your character step by step as you move further up the game. It makes you think about your beliefs, values, aspirations, and the rationality behind it.
As the game peels you off like an onion, you would eventually feel a little lighter, making you a better human by day.

What does it require?

Your Story Project requires deliberate efforts and building habits.

What would be the next step?

Look out for the blog articles, other resources and toolkits that I’ll be sharing.

Would I really become self-aware?

Any skill practised to a degree becomes your second nature. Similarly, practising resources and toolkits in the blog would throw some light at your burning inner questions. As you move through each door of self-limiting beliefs; self-awareness would naturally build up to your surprise.

What Should I read first?

Read the post “A guide to changing your perspective – Your Story Project” to get a gist of the blog.

How do I connect with you if my burning inner questions don’t rest?

You can ‘Contact‘ here for more info. I’ll try my best to be of help as soon as I can.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Keep an open mind! Before rejecting any thought on this blog, just read as patiently as you can. It will fruit results beyond your reasoning.

Also, I would suggest focus on your actions than on your results. Results are the natural byproduct of your efforts. You only have control over your actions.

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