How to know your true ‘Self’ – A short experiment

Know your true 'Self'

You must have wondered at some point, what would it be like to date yourself? Would I want to go out on a second date? Here’s something you would want to consider before stepping out. How to know your true ‘Self’ – a short experiment.

Imagine you are not who you assume you are!

Imagine you just don’t know yourself.

Now that would be a perfect place to start. A great practice to process your thoughts and emotion rises from taking a step away from your character. It gives clutter less access to life.

I would expound further on this in my coming posts. For now, prefer to not know yourself; if you succeed, then every activity would surprise you. It would be almost like encountering a new person altogether.

This may sound total crap!

And you may be right! But for once, keep an open mind.

The Mirror Experiment – How to know your true ‘Self’

Take a moment and look in the mirror long enough to see yourself as a stranger. Suddenly a sense of uneasiness will sprout; it is the anxiety that defends its ego when you try to peel off your individuality.

So what transpired as you looked deep in yourself?
You must have wondered, is this the guy I bought the new pair of shoes for?

The deeper the contemplation, the stronger it reminds you of the multilayered ego you have formed over the years. Peeling your ego is to know your true ‘Self’.

Do it 5 minutes every day for 40 days before you step to curl up in your bed. You’ll soon perceive a sense of growing detachment in you. You can also keep a small journal to briefly write your thought process.

The purpose is to let the sense of detachment grow in you.

I can hear some of you shout that you don’t wish to detach and lose yourself. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll be more in tune with your sense of character than losing yourself.

When you grow detach, you deepen your connection with yourself. And also, detachment is good for mental and overall wellbeing. Maybe another post for next time.

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