$8.99 | 10mg (10 tablets)

Brand: Zyrtec
Product: Allergy, Hayfever Anti-histamine tablets
Stores: Coles, Woolworths, Petrol Stations, Priceline, Drugstores



How does your product work?
It’s a hayfever/allergy pill. It’s an antihistamine so essentially it reduces all symptoms of hayfever and allergies.

Have you considered any other brand besides Zyrtec?
S: Not really. I have taken other ones before because some stores don’t stock them, so I have to consider other antihistamines. They all work however, Zyrtec has always been the one. And the best thing about Zyrtec is that it comes in a 70 pack!

How do you work out the right time to take a Zyrtec? Because I know it varies for different people. 
S: It’s a bit strange to explain but there are a few scenarios. I can tell from the moment I wake up and if I start sneezing or I’ve got a stuffed nose, I’ll pop a pill. Another one could be after a shower, I feel itchy or I’ve got a couple of red spots, I’ll take a Zyrtec then too. If I’m at a restaurant and I’m not too sure, but I can feel that something is coming on and I start to itch — I’ll pop a pill straight away. 

What are the thoughts that happen in your mind during the process of buying Zyrtec? 
S: I really depends on whether I need to buy it straight away or in the future. It’s a very routine thing if I don’t have any symptoms at the time of buying, I know that I’ll buy it because I want to have it there, and I know that this brand works. And that is also why I also want to have Zyrtec on me.

If you were in the supermarket and you saw it on sale, would you feel the need to just buy it? 
S: If I already had some, then probably not, but if I knew that I was running out then I probably would buy it.

And you always carry it on you? 
S: Yeah, I have sleeve in my bag at the moment.

How often do you use it? 
S: I take it three to four times a week. However, if I’m having a pretty bad week where I’ve got a lot of work on and I’m feeling stressed, I’ll take one a day. On a particular occasion, sometimes I would take 2 a day.

If you don’t carry that same bag, will you just take it out and put it in a different bag? 
S: I don’t have to carry it with my all the time, but I like to because my reaction is the kind of the that can stem from anything and anywhere. Also, if I’m feeling run down because of working or partying a lot, and I’m not getting enough sleep, that’s when I start experience a lot of the symptoms, so its handy to have it on me.

When I say the word Zyrtec, what does that brand mean to you? 
S: Relief, Security, Reliable

When you take it, do you think of anything in particular?
S: I would stop thinking about my symptoms. As soon as I take it, I mean I’ve thought of it many times that if anyone replace that pill with a placebo pill, I’m sure I would be fine. Because as soon as I take it, I know in 15 minutes, all symptoms will be gone. And so I stop thinking about it. I might be sneezing continuously, but then as soon as I take it, I’ll sneeze for a little bit but then I won’t even focus on it anymore.

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