$1.20 | 15 g (10 pieces)

Brand: EXTRA
Product: EXTRA White Professional Gum
Stores: Coles, Woolworths, Local Supermarkets, Petrol stations, Confectionary Shops, Milk bars, Drugstores 



When did you first discover that this was your favourite gum? 
MING: In year 2000. First, I was addicted to Airwaves gum. 

Oh yeah, I remember those! Which colour? 
M: Blue because it was the really strong one. My friend and I used to have a competition to see how many we could chew and survive — so some of us would eat a whole pack of 10, and then I went to the supermarket and saw this one (the one I like now) and it said the word “white”. I thought that was cool! Because you could chew gum, and it would whiten your teeth at the same time. 

And so I bought it, I tasted it, and it was delicious.

When is the perfect time for you to have gum? 
M: There is no wrong time! When I wake up, in the car… usually I like to chew gum during the creative process, during periods where I’m not going to be stimulated i.e a long drive home. 

How often do you think you have gum a day?
M: Ummm, its close to a pack a day. 

So 10 pieces of gum?
M: Yeah I would probably say, between 5 - 10 pieces a day at least.

Is there a particular way you like to eat your gum? I mean for me, I usually just pop it in my mouth and chew it straight away — but I’m sure you like to eat yours a certain way! 
M: Is this a trick question? Haha. 

Well I like to open the packet in a particular way. I refuse to tear it. And then for some reason, I put it on my lips in a way that somewhat emulates someone having a cigarette in their mouth. And I don’t know why… it’s just a habit.

M: And then I chew it, to check to see if the gum is fresh or not. If I sneeze, it’s fresh.

When you eat it, what do you feel when you start tasting the gum? 
M: The familiarity of the flavour. If its fresh, you get this peppermint flavour sensation that its familiar, and then I feel like I’m getting like a sugar kick even though it’s sugar free. 

Have you had any special moments with your gum? 
M: Yep. Well gum is illegal in Singapore. I went on a trip for two weeks, and I snuck in 15 packs and then being able to enjoy the gum in a country that refuses to sell gum, made it even better.

So you’re allowed to sneak in some gum to Singapore? 
M: Yeah I’ve snuck it in all the time. I’ve also gave my cousin and his thug friends some gum, and they felt like they were the coolest people in the world.

Any final words?
M: There is a complete dependency that I feel. If I forget the gum, or I don’t have access to a packet, I feel weird. I don’t feel incomplete, but I feel like I can’t function.

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