Daniel, Steph & Emma

$8.15 | 330mL each (4 Pack)

Brand: Coca-Cola
Product: Coca-Cola Bottle
Stores: Literally everywhere. Check your nearest supermarket.



When did you first discover Coke-Cola?
DANIEL: A long, long time ago. I think it might of been in primary school, probably when I was in year 6.

EMMA: When I was in Australia and that would be about 30 years ago.

STEPH: Umm, I think it was when mum and dad introduced it to me when I was in year 1.

What’s your shopping experience like on the day you need to go and by Coke? What run’s through your mind?
I’m pretty much am a loyal Coke consumer. I’m a loyal consumer when it comes to Coke even though it may not be the cheapest, even though the taste is very similar with a comparable product and at a cheaper price, but I think I’ve had Coke for so long and for so many times, I think I have made the assumption that, that is the only brand or the only product that I would buy for that line of grocery. 

E: For me, I always know that I want to buy and I would just go straight for that and grab it. Coke has always been my first choice, but then in terms of a second preference, then I would pick Solo. 

How did Coke become your favourite drink?
E: Well ok, it’s the flavour that is important to me, Coke doesn’t feel fancy, I feel like how it looks, to me it’s always been the same. Which tells you that you have that trust, that they don’t change the flavour in the drink. Because of that trust, that will probably define why Coke is my favourite.

When I mention Coca-Cola, what are the first few things that come to your mind? 
D: Refreshment, thirst-crusher, relaxation… when I’m tired it’s becomes an energiser.

E: Satisfying. If you have a drink, Coke is bound to make you feel good.

S: I think of “old-days” because that’s what they called Coke in the olden days, “Coca-Cola”. Also, I think of being energetic, like I’m on a sugar rush!

When is the right time for you to drink Coke?
Sport. After you’ve played a sporting game and it’s hot, you’re tired and sweaty, and you’re thirsty —  I usually just crave a coke.

E: I like to have it before my dinner and when I’m thirsty. 

S: After school, and sometimes in the morning haha. But mostly at dinner time because Mum cooks a lot of spicy foods, so that’s a good time to have Coke. I like the fizzy-ness of it!

Is there a particular way you like to drink your Coke?
D: Coke has to be chill, preferably about 3–4 degrees perfect. But it can’t be room temperature because it will taste awful.

E: Yep. My favourite way to have it is that it has to be chilled, and I like to have a bit of lemon with it. 

S: I like to have mine in a glass jar with ice cubes. I also like to have it perfectly chilled.

Does the design of the brand, have an effect on you making you like the product even more?
D: I don’t think the design has, but rather the branding. Whether its in a glass, a can, or in a plastic bottle, for me it doesn’t make much of a difference. However, it’s the red and white branding of the Coke that’s a big part of the influence of that define what Coke is to me.

E: I believe the design plays a major part for me. I’ve noticed that Coke doesn’t change their design often, but when they do, its subtle and appears simple. However, the red and white of the branding has always been consistent, and to me, it’s always been eye catching. It’s simple and consistent. You don’t feel like the company has gone out of their way to change it drastically, this tells you that they a capable of keeping people’s trust. 

You know you’re not going to be disappointed.
E: Yeah that’s right because the customers who buy Coke, already trust the brand because of the way it’s branded and how it has been designed. 

I mean they could have gone out to changed their look and a design on a few things, and they probably have, but I’ve noticed that they always go back to the red and white. And I think that’s because that’s what sells Coke at its best.

You always notice at the supermarket that there is an entire section that is pretty much only dedicated to Coke compared to other soft drinks. It’s pretty crazy.
E: Coke is so dominant. And it goes back to my point of ‘building that trust’ with their consumers. That trust is important and its something that they don’t want to lose with their customers. 

There’s a sense of familiarity for those who love Coke because they know the taste, they know how they like to have it, they know that when they go to shop they know what they’re looking for    they just know! People have their own unique experiences with Coke, and that’s the trust that Coke carries with their consumers.

What are some of the feelings that Coke gives you? 
E: Happiness. Coke has the power of making itself look appetising and attractive. 

S: I feel energetic, happy and relaxed! The fizziness excites me which gives me that sugar rush that I love.



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