$4.50 | 200g

Brand: MILO
Product: Chocolate & Malt Powder Drink
Stores: Coles, Woolworths, Foodworks, IGA, local supermarkets


So your item is Milo. What is it? And how does it work?
It’s malted barley I guess in strict terms, but its like a drink or I will personally will add it to dessert like ice cream. Generally you would just add it to milk, hot or cold.

What was your first memory of being introduced to this product?
C: Probably at the age of 2. I don’t really remember what that moment was like exactly, but I can imagine that I would be quite happy.

Can you remember another time that you’ve had it where you were like “Oh wow, what is this?”
Actually, maybe with the Milo cereal! It was crunchy, and at the same time, it has the Milo taste!

C: And the best thing was the milk left in the bowl once you've finished your cereal because it turns into Milo! 


When I mention the word Milo, what does it make you think of?
I guess it makes me think of being a kid, because I drank it a lot more back then. I have a very positive association with it.

Does the design of the brand bring you back the same feelings and memories every time you go to make the drink?
C: I think so cause the tin hasn’t really changed ever, and its always had the same colour scheme. I mean, the kid on the front might look different, and it might be playing a different sport but the tin has always been the same.

When I was in Africa, it was the same silver tin with the green wrapper and it was everywhere there as well. However, the kid who was on the front of the tin was different. And to me, it looked absolutely the same. Same product, same colour, same font and same feeling.

And lastly, something I’d like to know… do you eat Milo out of a can? 
C: Yes, sometimes! However, I probably eat it more with ice cream than have it with milk or so. Normally a couple scoops over your vanilla ice cream is just right!







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