Your Story is a project about discovering the impact of branding and the kinds of relationships it has with people.


Through a series of interviews, Your Story captures the personal connections a consumer has with a product to discover the success behind a brand’s ability to create an individualised experience. 


'Branding' no longer means a logo or a remake of a logo being applied onto a variety of applications, it goes beyond that. Instead, it generates a discussion, an open conversation, or it's a story that’s being told.

It starts with an experience from the moment a consumer decides to invite a brand into their life. It becomes an emotional connection that repeatedly provides something one wants, needs or desires.

Branding is a relationship that grows with time creating real and personal experiences that meaningfully speak to a consumer’s values and aspirations.

 Photograph:  Sydney Hawkins

Photograph: Sydney Hawkins


Thank you to Debbie Millman and her book on Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits (2013), the book became the main source of inspiration in the creation of the Your Story project. Millman intelligently shares an open discussion on the concepts of branding and how it can be defined with creatives, to professors, to CEOs behind well-known companies like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Nike. Taken from the perspective of expertise in the field, Brand Thinking is an insight into the state of modern branding and how companies and consumers can best understand the behaviour behind why we brand and why we buy.

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The strategy for Your Story was to implement the project through a visual identity. The design intention for the identity was to be experimental, pushing the boundaries of how a brand is sometimes perceived. There is no defined logo, no drawings no bright, stand out colours — there is only the neutral nude colour and text. 

The importance of Your Story is about the consumers, the people who buy the things they buy. It’s about their relationship, their experience, their story. Whether their experience was positive or negative, successful or unsuccessful, Your Story’s visual identity is to display those conversations that reflects a person's connection with a brand.




Each product displays an insert of the conversation from an interview that depicts an important moment with a brand. At every touchpoint, each product is aimed to intrigue the viewer into reading and experiencing the story as it is being told through the visual identity.

Some brands are more recognisable than others. However, in order to uncover the full brand and product details, through the labels,  viewers are advised to head to the Your Story website to read the full interview where the brand and product details are revealed.

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