$5.50 | 400g

Brand: Nutella
Product: Hazelnut Chocolate Spread
Stores: Coles, Woolworths, Foodworks, IGA, your local supermarkets!



When did you first discover Nutella? 
CHARLENE: The earliest I could remember would be when I was really, really young. I don’t even remember what age. Ever since then, I’m still eating Nutella till this day!

What that moment was like?
C: It was like experiencing Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, having Nutella for breakfast. Honestly, every time I have it, I appreciate it. I don't remember there ever being a stand out moment — I just know that every time I have it in the morning, I’m like YES! This is how I start my day! Hahaha

I’m assuming your mum would’ve bought it back then? 
C: No, my sister actually did!

When you go to the shops to buy Nutella, do you get distracted by the other spread in the same aisle? What are you thoughts that happen during that process?
C: Well I have seen that hazelnut home brand spread, and I’ve noticed its cheaper, but I couldn't and didn’t want to take the risk, so I’ve stuck with my Nutella.

Do you usually buy the smaller bottle or the big one? 
C: I buy the medium one. However, I'll tell you something. Last Christmas, I was gifted with 3.5kg tubs of Nutella, that was like 3 Nutella jars given to me for Christmas. But for me, I usually just buy the medium size.

When I mention Nutella, what comes to your mind? 
C: I think of chocolate and my morning toast. I couldn’t live without it. Nope. When I think of Nutella, I think of home, and the idea of being home because I grew up with it. I feel safe and relieved whenever I have it. For example, when I have butter and toast, it just doesn’t feel the same, my morning doesn’t feel right. It’s pretty much a routine now where I just have to have it every morning.

What about savoury breakfasts? Don’t you ever get sick of eating sweets in the morning? 
C: Once a week, I’ll probably have toast and eggs — but that’s just purely for health… and getting protein in. Otherwise, I have this everyday.

So why do you like it so much? 
C: The taste of it and the fact that its chocolate and having chocolate in the morning, is kind of fun you know? Its nostalgic and it’s like a comforting breakfast. It’s exciting. 

I like my bread nice and toasty. It can’t be too soft, has to be solid and perfect and then I like to have my Nutella on top. I have to spread it on when it’s hot.

Does it bring you back any memories? 
C: Talking about it now, I remember during my first year of uni we started putting blueberries, and strawberry toppings on our toast with Nutella. That changed my life and it made my whole experience with Nutella a whole lot better.

Did you ever have it with crumpets? 
C: Nutella and crumpets?

C: Oh, all the time. Whenever I have crumpets, it has to have Nutella on it.

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