$6.99 | 4.3 g

Brand: Burt Bees
Product: Pomegranate Lip Balm
Stores: Coles, Woolworths, Priceline, Drugstores



Would you say you have a secret connection with your lip balm? 
CATRIONA: Yeah I do. It’s very therapeutic for me. 

There’s a sense of excitement because I know what’s about to come before I use it. And I know that my lips will feel nourished and hydrated. There’s a sense of relief, that literally starts from the moment when I see it on my table and to the moment I go and apply it on. It reassures me, it’s my relationship with lip balm. 

What made you buy lip balm in the very first place?
C: Well, we already had it at home... because I stole it off you! 

C: You inspired me with your Lip Smackers Watermelon one, so that was like “oh yeah, I remember she like licked it and stuff and it tasted so good!” so I went out and bought it. And I think that was my very first time I bought lip balm.

When you go out to buy your lip balm, what are your thoughts that happen during that process? 
C: It all depends on the price.


So sale? 
C: Yes! Sale! But it also depends on my current/previous lip balm that I'm replacing. I wouldn't go out to buy the same one that I just finished UNLESS it's on sale. Having said that, I usually get something different and I always look at the price — that's important to me.

If you’re in need of lip balm, and you’re at a shop and they only sell the lip balm that you hate, what do you do then? 
 I’ll have to check the ingredients and see which one I’m compatible with. If the ones that are on display are the ones that I can’t use… then I’ll have to go without it. I wouldn’t risk it because of my previous experience of having a bad reaction to a lot of the lip balms with certain ingredients in them.

When I say “lip balm”, what are your first thoughts? 
C: I need it. I need it. I need it! 
I think I’ve used it so much to the point where it’s something personal to me. I kind of define it as a part of me now, because if I was to leave the house without it, I can’t live without out it.

What about Burt Bees? How did you discover that and how did that become your favourite brand?
C: It was all based on the lip balm that I was using at the time, The Body Shop lip balm. I bought it one time with my voucher that I got for my birthday, and I got the strawberry one. Used it for a bit and… it was soo bloody glossy, and sticky. I hated the feeling of how it didn’t feel natural. Every time I put it on, my fingers were sticky, my lips were sticky — I hated it. 

I was at Orchestra and that one time in class, I couldn’t stand my lip balm anymore because I had to keep washing my hands after I used it. There were no bathrooms nearby so I I asked my friend Maddy if I could use her lip balm. She passed me her Burt Bees, pomegranate lip balm, and I was forever converted a Burt Bees lover.

When is the right time to use your lip balm? 
After you brush your teeth. 
Before you get on the train. 
When you’re at school during class. 
When you’re going on the train on the way home. 
After you eat food. (Oh, its so important after you eat food to put lip balm on
When you blow your nose. 
And then when you go to bed.

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