Brand: Batiste
Product: Dry Shampoo (Floral and Flirty)
Stores: Coles, Woolworths, Priceline



Is the whole point of using dry shampoo when your hair is sort-of a bit oily? 
CAROLYN: Yep. When it starts to get a little greasy it’s like time to go and wash your hair, but instead you can just use the dry shampoo and you’re done!

Does it give volume to your hair as well? 
C: A little bit! I really love it.

When did you first discover Batiste? 
C: Since the end of high school, it would be like year 12 round to first year of uni. My sister bought it, and then I was like “oooo, I’m going to try this product” and then after having sprayed it on, I found that it actually really works! At that point, I was sold on it ever since.

How often do you use this product now? 
C: About 3–4 times a week.

Are there different scents? 
C: Yeah! There are usually a whole bunch of different ones. I normally go for the ‘floral and flirty’ one, but they have a tropical, and a few others too.

How does it feel in your hair? 
C: It makes your hair feel really clean and fresh. It gives you the freshly, washed hair feeling in 5 seconds as opposed to like washing your hair and letting it dry properly after a shower.

When using Batise, does it remind you of anything in particular? 
C: It reminds me of my sister because she was the first person who introduced it to me. It makes me think of half of the beauty things I own are thanks to her! She’s more into beauty than I am.

Describe what the experience is like when you put on your dry shampoo?
C: I feel really clean, and more put together. If I don’t use it in the morning, and days when my hair is a bit gross, when I get to uni I’m like, “oh god, I should of have taken the 2 seconds to spray it into my hair because I feel so crap right now!”. But when I use it, I don’t even think about my hair for the rest of the day because I know that the problem has been deal.

When you go to the supermarket and you’re on a mission to buy your dry shampoo. What are your thoughts that go through your head when you go to buy that product?
C: I’m pretty committed to my dry shampoo, so I would just go there and grab it and not take notice of the other ones. I mean, I remember I had a phase where I wanted to be experimental and try other dry shampoos, I remember the Ganier one and I was like “ooo I’ll give that a go” and it was just crap. And I realised that was a mistake, so ever since then, I’ve gone back to what I knew worked. and that was the Batise Dry Shampoo.

I like that fact that when you look at the design, it’s refreshing, and it makes you feel like its fun, and taking you away from the idea of “oh your hair is dirty”. 
C: Yes! It’s almost quite effortless in how the brand and the product speaks to the consumer. The dry shampoo is branded as clean, easy, and effortless.


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